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In the rapidly evolving technological landscape, deploying cloud services and platforms effectively is paramount. At our organisation, we have a robust, three-tiered approach that ensures a successful cloud and platform implementation, ranging from Discovery to Mobilisation and culminating in Modernisation & Migration. Our approach is built on a foundation of meticulous planning, rigorous execution, and continuous innovation.

Phase One: Discovery – An In-depth Understanding

To ensure an effective implementation, we initiate the process with the Discovery phase. We believe that the success of the project is inherently tied to a profound understanding of the current technological framework, workflows, and the objectives in question.

During this phase, we invest our resources into comprehensive information gathering. We delve into the core of the existing technology and workflows, understand the nuances, and map out the objectives clearly. Our emphasis on identifying and quantifying the expected value from the project is an essential element of this phase, ensuring that our approach is aligned with the desired outcomes.

Phase Two: Mobilisation – A Blueprint for Success

In the Mobilisation phase, we focus on creating a strategic blueprint that encompasses all aspects of security, compliance, and infrastructure mapping. This phase is instrumental in defining the landing zone and establishing the operating model.

Our expert team meticulously addresses security and compliance, ensuring the system’s resilience against potential threats and aligning with regulatory norms. To paint a comprehensive picture of the infrastructure, we undertake thorough mapping. This not only gives us insight into existing resources but also aids us in identifying gaps that need to be filled.

Our strategic focus extends to defining the landing zone. We understand its critical role in enabling the successful adoption of cloud services and platforms, and hence, carefully design it to meet the project’s unique needs.

To streamline processes and maximise efficiency, we establish a well-structured operating model. This model facilitates platform delivery, aligning with our ultimate goal of ensuring a seamless transition to the new cloud services and platforms.

Mermaid Diagram of the discovery phase

Phase Three: Modernisation & Migration – The Road to the Future

The final phase in our approach, the Modernisation & Migration phase, is where our strategic plan comes to life. Our focus during this stage is on delivering the roadmap, migrating the lighthouse workload, creating a migration plan, and establishing a cloud community of practice.

We start by delivering the roadmap. This roadmap, derived from the earlier phases’ insights, serves as a strategic guide leading us towards the objective.

Migrating the lighthouse workload follows next, allowing us to test the viability of the plan and make necessary adjustments. We understand the value of a well-drafted migration plan. Therefore, we invest our efforts in creating a robust plan that considers all possible scenarios, ensuring a smooth transition.

Finally, we believe in the power of community. To foster a cloud-friendly culture, we establish a cloud community of practice. This community serves as a platform for sharing knowledge, discussing challenges, and fostering innovation.

In conclusion, our three-tiered approach to cloud and platform implementation ensures an all-encompassing, successful transition. We stay committed to providing value through our well-structured Discovery, Mobilisation, and Modernisation & Migration phases. Together, we believe we can navigate the path to a cloud-forward future.

Navigating the journey of cloud migration can indeed raise several queries and concerns. In this section, we aim to address some of the frequently asked questions about our three-tiered approach to cloud and platform implementation.


The duration of a cloud migration can vary greatly, depending on the complexity and size of your organisation’s digital estate. Our three-phased approach—Discovery, Mobilisation, and Modernisation & Migration—is designed to be comprehensive, ensuring we address every aspect thoroughly. Typically, this process can range from a few months to over a year.

During the Discovery phase, we gather information and analyse your current technology and workflows. This comprehensive examination will help us determine the effort required for cloud migration. Factors such as the number of workloads to be migrated, the readiness of your IT infrastructure, and the need for any major process changes would be considered in this assessment.

Security and compliance are critical aspects of our Mobilisation phase. We ensure the system’s resilience against potential threats and align with regulatory norms, which would include integrating and potentially enhancing your existing security and compliance policies for a cloud environment.

Often, organisations find that moving to the cloud can result in cost savings over time. This is due to factors such as reduced overhead costs, scalability, increased productivity, and lower maintenance costs. However, the exact savings can vary and would be better quantified during the Discovery phase.

Post-migration, we offer ongoing support to ensure your cloud environment is running smoothly. This includes troubleshooting any issues that arise, providing training for your teams, and offering strategic advice for future cloud projects.

While prerequisites can vary, typically they would include a detailed assessment of your current IT infrastructure, a clear understanding of your operational needs, an alignment of stakeholders on objectives and outcomes, and a comprehensive plan for security and compliance.

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