Maximiing Success with DevOps: The Key Metrics and KPIs Your Team Needs to Track

Are you looking to measure the success of your DevOps team and identify areas for improvement? Tracking key DevOps metrics and KPIs is essential for understanding the performance and efficiency of your delivery process. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of monitoring these metrics and explore some of the key metrics and KPIs that your team should be tracking. By continuously measuring and analyzing these metrics, you can identify areas for improvement and take steps to increase efficiency and reliability. Read on to learn more about how tracking key DevOps metrics and KPIs can drive business success.

chaos days

The importance of hosting a Chaos Day in 2024: ten reasons why

Are you looking for a way to test the resilience and robustness of your organization’s systems and processes? Consider running a Chaos Day. In this planned event, organizations intentionally introduce failures or disruptions into their systems and processes to test their ability to recover and continue operating. Find out more about the benefits of running a Chaos Day and how it can help improve recovery processes, enhance team communication and collaboration, and foster a culture of resilience.